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Szepsy Úrágya Furmint

Szepsy Úrágya Furmint

2015 - Istvan Szepsy Sr.






Tokaj region



Undoubtedly a Monarch. The wine has a warmer character with slightly sweet notes. Primary aromas are peach, quince, lime zest, but we should wait and look for the developing tertiary flavours. Definite acidity, salty minerality, signature Furmint. 

The year 2015 started with a mild winter followed by a balanced weather spring. After a warm and dry summer that helped the ripening of the bunches the late autumn was rather cold and rainy. The vintage resulted in concentrated wines with relatively high acidity but with good balance and a good potential for aging.

The Úrágya vineyard is an emblematic terroir of Mád. The sun setting behind the vineyard truly does bring reassuring safety with it. Old vines produce grapes with complex acidity structure and its wines are characterised by distinct minerality. Every year Szepsy offers superb wines from this terroir. Looking back at tastings over the last ten years, the Úrágya Furmints have always finished among the best. And the 2015 wine seems no exception. 

Alcohol: 14.0%vol.

Residual sugar:1.3 g/l

Extract: 20.9g/l

Acidity: 6.4 g/l

Produced: 3 858 bottles

Matured: 6 months in 400 l big

Hungarian oak (30% new oak)

Content: 0.75 l

Istvan Szepsy Sr.

The winemaker

The Szepsy family has been producing wines in the Tokaj region ever since the renowned aszú wine was born in the early 1500s. Due to this concurrence, the history of aszú and the Szepsy family became so intertwined that nowadays they are inseparable. The new generations of winemakers take pride in the achievements of their ancestors and always aspire to be worthy of the Szepsy name. Their mission is to produce the highest quality of grape in the vineyard without any compromise. Centuries-old knowledge and experience, passed from father to son, keeps this miraculous tradition alive. 

Istvan Szepsy Sr.

The region

Tokaj region

One of the world’s most fascinating wine regions, Tokaj has a history of distinguished winemaking for more than 500 years. These thousand-year-old winemaking traditions that still remain in place today make it an obvious choice for UNESCO world heritage d