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Fritz Bull’s Blood (Bikavér)

Fritz Bull’s Blood (Bikavér)

2012 - Fritz winery


Red cuvée


14 %


Szekszárd region



Intensive with deep, dark coloured fruits, the wine starts with spicy scents like cocoa, coffee and ginger. Following them is a powerful green spicy fragrance, making the wine richer in aroma. Proportional and meaningful in a wonderful harmony. Complex, high-calibre cuvée. 

A highly awarded and acknowledged Bull's Blood, the best of its kind.

Content: 0.75 l

Fritz winery

The winemaker

The Fritz family has a long tradition of wine-making since the early 1600s. Their history began in a little village called Würmersheim in Germany exactly in the year 1635. 
The Fritz family settled down in Hungary in the 18th century and their wine production continues to this day in the lovely Szekszárd wine region. During these centuries the noble knowledge of the wine-making was passed from father to son and father to daughter. Today, the family practices viticulture on 30 hectares. The vineyard is located in the middle of the Szekszárd wine region on Golden Hill, which has some of the best soil and micro-climatic conditions.

After almost two decades of intensive technological development, the Josef Fritz and his team have consistently produced some of the region’s most innovative and highly regarded wines. The veteran Hungarian winemaker has applied his sensibilities with the artful utilisation of special Hungarian grape varieties to create wines that have garnered national acclaim. Josef Fritz has limited his handcrafted wine production to 200,000 bottles every year, mostly red, matured in the best oak barrels. The quality of Fritz wines has been acknowledged on several occasions, winning awards in domestic and international competitions as well, proving that the Szekszárd wine region is home to the most wonderful wines of Europe. This is the past and the present, and the future aims to continue these traditions and even exceed the its achievements to date.

Fritz winery

The region

Szekszárd region

The first relics of the local viticulture date back to Roman times, but it was only in the 18th century that wine production flourished due to an influx of German settlers.