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Gere Cuvee Kopár

Gere Cuvee Kopár

2013 - Attila Gere


Red cuvée




Villány region



If we had to name the most famous red wine in Hungary, it would undoubtedly be the Kopár from Attila Gere. This bright, rich red wine from the Villány region was the first in its category and led the way for a generation of winemakers to make bold, full-bodied red wines in the area. While the first vintages were cabernet sauvignon-based and heavy in oak use, the Kopar 2013 is an elegant cabernet franc-cabernet sauvignon-merlot blend that is fruit-forward yet balanced, showing the best of Villány’s warm soils and an excellent vintage. Kopár is still one of the best wines in its category and shows just how far Hungarian wine making has come in the past decades. Aged in barrels for 16-20 months.

Cuvee Kopar has an excellent storage capacity, at the peak of the wine will be in the years 2025-2030. Before serving wine is recommended to decant.

Content: 0.75 l

Attila Gere

The winemaker

The history of the Gere winery started 7 generations ago and the long journey it had to take was challenging and required hard work. Built on centuries of traditions and developing experimental solutions helped to bring fame to the winery that is  by today one of Hungary's most prominent wineries both domestically and beyond borders. By now the size of the family estate has reached 70 hectares and the young generation also contributes to the day-to-day running of the winery. The aim of the family is to implement the old Hungarian traditions of grape growing and oenology that the older generation transmit to the younger ones.

One can find 7 generations of wine makers on the GERE family tree. Continuity was only interrupted by the grandfather and father. After the second world war farmers’ holdings were taken away and widespread deportations disrupted the handing down of family traditions.  Mr Attila Gere, the winemaker, chose forestry as his profession. His first contact with wine-making came through his father in law in 1978. Tasting his traditionally made wines he recognised the great potential lying dormant in Villány red wines.

In 1994 Attila Gere was the winner of the honourable title “Wine Maker of the Year” acknowledging his outstanding work. 3 years later with the 1997 vintage a great dream came true: the first vintage of KOPÁR Cuvée was bottled. By this time the newly planted vines in the excellent areas of the winery became productive thus making it possible to introduce a great wine.

Attila Gere

The region

Villány region

According to archaeological finds – the remains of a Roman villa can be seen near Villány – winemaking traditions in the Villány region date back to the Roman Empire. As early as 1846 Villány wines were first sent to New York in 1846 and remarked upon for