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Corporate Services

Monarchs & Wines is proud to be one of Singapore’s leading distributors and retailers of Hungarian premium wines. We specialize in cooperating with family wineries producing world-class quality, difficult-to-obtain vintages. We proudly represent some of the most renowned and outstanding Hungarian cellars in the world. Monarchs & Wines feels honored by its long-standing relationship with those noble Hungarian wineries, and we always make sure that both our employees and partners are passionate individuals whose main aim is perfection in every field in which we work.

Monarchs & Wines offers a full service package for the import, storage, delivery and retail of wines. Thanks to our trading knowledge throughout the world and our strong presence and market experience in Singapore, we are able to fill the gap between traditional wholesale distribution and direct-to-consumer services.

While most trading companies work only with distributors, we initiated a business model where we provide retail solutions (for instance, online sales, B2B and B2C wine marketing events, etc.) for our business partners.

Customized Wine Events

Drinking a unique glass of wine evokes in us a wonderful sense of calm or relaxation. Sharing a bottle of great wine with friends or business partners may be even more exciting. It can boost our confidence and bring us new friends and opportunities in business and private life, as well as peaceful, intimate moments with our families. Monarchs & Wines is one of the top experts at providing such perfect moments for you. We can bring you and your friends to a perfectly set, unique wine-tasting event accompanied with culinary experiences prepared by Michelin Star Chefs. We create exclusivity, privacy and harmony in hotels, restaurants or even in your home. We have trained, dedicated wine consultants to support you through your event needs and we look forward to work closely with you to build a long and lasting relationship.
•    Private wine tasting events
•    Corporate fine-dining dinners
•    Exclusive wine tours to Hungary  
•    Events for your private clients

Gifts for your clients, friends and relatives

We provide customized gift packages for you or your clients and business associates through our distinguished wine selection and our unique truffle-infused products from the luxury Hungarian Heritage brand. You can customize your bottle with a personalized corporate label and packaging, and we can arrange corporate or private wine excursions to the famous slopes of the Villány wine region in Hungary.

Home Dining

Looking for unique dining experiences with top chefs delivered to your home or office? You intend to celebrate a special occasion with a special culinary experience prepared by a top chef and accompanied by a personal wine pairing? We can help you in making your dream come true. Contact us.

Wedding events, bachelor parties

Whether it is a wedding reception, a bachelor party or an exclusive night with friends, we provide consultation for all your event needs. With extensive experience in the wine industry, we are able to advise and ensure you have the wines that best suit you and your guests. Let us help you select the best wines for your event.