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Hungarian wine story

The reputation of Hungarian viticulture dates back for centuries. We can find Hungarian wines in many of the world’s luxury restaurants and in many novels of world acclaim. 

We could write about the excellent geographical and climatic conditions, the history of viticulture dating back more than 2,000 years or that kings and aristocrats savoured the pleasures of Hungarian wines behind the thick, cold walls of their ancient castles.

But the present of Hungarian wine is even more exciting than the past.

Today’s Hungarian wine is 
Fun like relaxing on a terrace of an ambient bar with a glass of good wine in hand after a hard day.
Special as an all-night conversation between the best of friends.
Beautiful as the sunset over the largest lake in Central Europe enjoyed from the slopes of Badacsony hill.
Multicoloured as the forests in fall.

Be special, drink different

Since the 1990s the popularity of Hungarian wines has grown in esteem among leading gourmands, sommeliers and chefs worldwide. 
Now top restaurants from New York to Tokyo appreciate the quality and diversity of our viticulture.
Hungarian vineyards offer the whole spectrum of wine styles: from light Champagnes and sparkling wines to full-bodied reds deep in flavour to noble dessert wines. The specialty Hungarian wines offer a unique experience for open-minded wine lovers.