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Harvest Parade in Buda Castle

Harvest Parade in Buda Castle

The medieval Castle District of Buda, in the heart of capital, is not only a memento of glorious past but also a living social place, home of several events.

Every September tens of thousands of people visit Buda castle to celebrate wine at Hungary's greatest wine festival. Hundreds of exhibitors show there wines from all around Hungary and even from a few foreign countries. Even if you are not the wine expert, the ambience and the programs guarantee an unforgettable time spent in Budapest.

Buda Castle folk music and folk dance gala

The traditional Harvest Parade followed by a Folk Music and Folk Dance Gala on Budapest Wine Festival’s main stage are two of the most spectacular events of the festival, attracting hundreds of tourists in the Castle District. Evoking the atmosphere of old harvests only a few steps away from onetime vineyards of the Buda Castle, the parade marches from the Matthias Church to the royal palace to culminate in a party into the night. 

The Harvest Parade pays respect to our viticulturist and winemaking ancestors, and the Gala will showcase colorful traditional costumes, folk music, dances, and harvest traditions of Hungary. The procession consists of historical actors, notable representatives of our wine regions, members of various wine orders and associations of wine lovers, as well as folk dance groups. The latter will cheer the public with flash-mob-like performances on the spot.